March 25, 2023
at 2:00 PM
to Commemorate
& Tour Studioplex
on Auburn
The Studioplex Community is proud to be
a part of The 2023 Phoenix Flies
Celebration of Atlanta’s Historic Sites.
Experience the first-ever tour of Studioplex on
Auburn at The Atlantic Southeastern Compress &
Warehouse building, featuring a journey through its
19th and 20th century histories. Our tour guide will
share stories about the people and events that
have shaped the building’s evolution, from
cotton compress to artist community.

You’ll see the National Register plaques for the
first time and get a rare look inside the
Water Tower with its commemorative mural.

The tour will also include gallery pop-ups featuring
acclaimed local artists from the original artists
community, and special guests.

Followed by retro cocktails and music.

Don’t miss this chance to learn about the
revitalization of the building and the
MLK Historic District.
Contact for more information about Studioplex
on Auburn: or
DM us on Instagram @studioplex_on_auburn

The Phoenix Flies: A Celebration of Atlanta’s
Historic Sites March 4-26, 2023
Studioplex on Auburn was originally established in 1905 as The Atlantic Southeastern Compress & Warehouse which was built to compress and store cotton for delivery via the adjacent Southern Railway (where the current Beltline lies).

The buildings exterior was constructed of solid concrete and is considered to be the oldest fire-proof structure in Atlanta. The adjacent historic Water Tower was built in 1906 and contained 100,000 gallons of water to service the warehouse with a sprinkler system which would further prevent fire damage.

The compress served as a vital part of the turn-of-the-century emerging Auburn Avenue community and provided employment for many African American families who lived in the vicinity, some of whom owned homes along the west and north side of the building on Airline Street and Auburn Avenue. This street had already become known as the place where African-Americans could thrive in Atlanta. In 1929, Martin Luther King was born just steps away at 501 Auburn.

In 1999, the Historic District Development Corporation (HDDC) included the building and the 8 acres of property surrounding it as part of their massive revitalization project of the Auburn Avenue area. The building was carefully restored and renovated to retain its original architectural details, while providing an affordable space for local artists to live, work and market their art.

The live/work Artists Community was envisioned as the cultural center of the block and included a commitment to maintain the neighborhood’s historical fabric by retaining the original economic, racial and background diversity of its residents and businesses. The HDDC project was spearheaded to honor the rich history rooted in the community. It was then that the building was renamed to Studioplex on Auburn to reflect the nature of the Artist Community as a thriving part of this Sweet Auburn Historic District. The Town Hall style central corridor was designed to be a thoroughfare to encourage pedestrian traffic to view and support the work of the artists and creatives who lived and worked there.

The building was converted in 2007 to loft condominiums and is zoned as multi-use, which continues to house many live/work artists and also retains numerous gallery spaces at the Northwest corner of the building. Over the years, Studioplex and its inherent artist community has been host to various Art Walks, festivals and open gallery events.

Studioplex on Auburn at the original Atlantic Southeastern Compress & Warehouse is listed in the National Register of Historic Places. The structure and its surrounding area is permanently protected by Easements Atlanta and the Atlanta Preservation Center

Phoenix Flies: A Celebration of Atlanta’s Historic Sites provides an opportunity to learn about, celebrate and strengthen Atlanta’s historic and cultural assets. The celebration was created in 2003 by the Atlanta Preservation Center as a way to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the dramatic rescue of the Fox Theatre, an event that changed Atlanta’s preservation perspective forever. Phoenix Flies 2023 is the 20th year that the APC has brought together organizations and individuals from the community to demonstrate the value of Atlanta’s historic built environment. Atlanta’s historically-built environment of buildings, landscapes and neighborhoods is an integral part of the city’s culture and economy.